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Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Turning It Around and The Things They Say

I am the queen of negative self-speak - meaning most things I think in my head about myself are negative.  I always take the glass half full approach in evaluating myself.  It is not healthy, and has been something I have struggled with my whole life.  It can, and often does, sabotage my goals.  So, in an effort to not do that, I am practicing a little "turn it around." I am going to post some of it here to get it out there and keep myself accountable.  I would love to hear some of my readers do the same in comments below!  Turn it around is to actually write out (or say) that negative thought and turn it into a positive one.  When I do that I can usually turn the negative attitude or thought into something that motivates me onward toward my goals.

1.  My training is taking away time from my family and that makes me a bad parent.  Turning it around:  Yes, I do lose some time with my family, but the positive impacts have been enormous and measurable.  For example, my oldest daughter, now 5, wants to do a kids triathlon this year.  My youngest daughter, now 2.5 years, sat down next to me while I was stretching for my run last weekend.  After coming out of my stretch I look over and she is doing the exact same stretch as I was doing, and correctly I might add.  Children learn by example, and what a great example I can provide.  And, I am much more patient, happy, and available to my children when I am with them when I feel energized and mentally rested from a good workout. 

2.  I didn't plan my summer/season well enough and now am left with a gap and lack of motivation to carry me through to my first race.  Turning it around:  I planned my summer conservatively and with a respect for my time and physical abilities at the time I sat down to plan.  I have actually exceeded the limited expectations I had for myself and now may be able to throw in an early race.  I should be proud of working so hard to do so and look for the best way to adjust the season to get it done!

3.  I STILL haven't broken the 30 minute mark on the 5K and probably never will at this rate.  Turning it around:  I have come a long way for this non-runner.  And, I am soooooo close to breaking that time and just need to keep working at it.  My form and endurance on a run (read:  my joint pain) is so much better and I actually almost like it now.  By my first race I am sure I will be there, if not well below there.  And, I have no where to go but faster, right?

So, those are the top three for me today - the list is long, but I will leave it there.  Anyone care to join me?  I would love to hear you all "turn it around."  It is a fun exercise really, and hopefully will become a habit for me so I stop sabotaging myself!

AND - another one of my favorite things:  The things they say!  By that I mean the things my kids say, which usually crack me up.  Here I will pretty much keep this to the subject of this blog, or else I could spend hours writing out all the incredibly insightful, and hilarious, things my two oldest kids say!

Anyway, I told my oldest daughter I was going to train again for a race this year.  She complains "awwwww" as she hugs my thigh - "then you won't be squishy anymore!"  I just busted out laughing.  I promised her that I would probably remain somewhat "squishy."  I mean I AM 40!  Anyway, it just made me laugh.  (of course I was also thinking "SERIOUSLY?  I have somehow been blessed to get 15 lbs UNDER where I was when I got pregnant in less than 7 months and she calls me 'SQUISHY'?")  Gotta love the kiddos!  Feel free to share some of your little ones' insights!

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