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Friday, January 27, 2012

Well, Here We Go Again!

Wow, it certainly has been some time since I last posted.  The last months have been a whirlwind of life challenges and successes, and a period of tremendous personal growth for me and my family.  All in good time, I will share a lot of what I have learned, through stories that are mine to share.  For many reasons, some stories just are not mine to tell, and therefore will remain untold here. 

Honestly, I am thinking the focus of this blog may change a bit.  I have thought often of sharing some of my life these past months here and all too often thought "Well, that simply doesn't fit with the theme as stated."  However, so many times my title was very appropriate for the situation or thoughts I had wanted to share.  "From the Glider Rocker to the Finish Line" really says it all - my life is complex, and a good part of my life is focused on bringing me, my children, and my family through the trials of life to that "finish line."  Obviously, the "finish line" takes on many meanings!  So, look for such changes to come - along with hopefully a design change that will make this blog more user friendly, and, honestly, more fun!  I look forward to growing with the blog on a more regular basis.

As for the active part of my life, I have to say it has been pretty quiet.  I have endeavored to support my children in their active pursuits, primarily dance and soccer, but my own training has taken a back seat to many other "big" life challenges.  I am finally getting into a position to perhaps begin to train for my half marathon in May, although I *may* defer a year.

In September after my last race, I discovered I had a pencil size lump on the apex of my left shin.  It was tender to the touch, and with a minor history of skin cancer, off to the dermatologist I went.  On September 26 they took a biopsy of the spot.  Within a week or two, the site NEVER healed and, in fact, grew to a size over that of a quarter.  Finally, on October 26 I had surgery.  The plastic surgeon was enlisted because of the complexity and the planned skin graft.  After the surgery, I was told "Good News!  We didn't have to do a skin graft!"  If only I knew the true meaning of that.  See, I had a 4-5 inch incision stretched to close over the top of my shin bone - and THREE kids to care for, who also had little feet, hands, and in one case, heads that would continually batter the site.  Within a week the stitches had dissolved and almost the whole incision opened and WOULD NOT HEAL!  I will spare you all the gory details, but let's just say it was horrific and I was terrified of infection.  It was not until around Christmas that I finally noticed healing beginning after wearing pressure bandaging for a month!  It is just this week that I finally called the surgeon for a last check with the hope that I can get back in the pool to swim.  I miss the pool terribly - more for my mental health than anything else!  I hope to swim Wednesday - please, let me swim Wednesday!

So, in short, I am back, well, almost back.  Life has changed dramatically for me in the last six months, and I continue to fine tune my current life to try to get back into my personal fitness training.  I look forward, however, to bringing this blog back to life, albeit perhaps with a more wide variety of topics!

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