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Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Great and VERY QUICK AND EASY Chicken Recipe

A friend forwarded this recipe to me which I made last night:  Lemon-Apricot Chicken.  This was so simple, I made it in about a half hour with a side of rice and vegetables.  I did not use the curry powder as we don't keep that as a regular item in our pantry and I am trying to live by my pantry this week!  But this was so good and so easy and enjoyed by my four year old and my 18 month old.  I also pounded the chicken breasts a bit so it took less time to cook them and used very little salt.  I was concerned by the sodium in the dish, but overall the nutrition information was not bad when paired with high fiber rice and a vegetable.

I have a piece of chicken left over, so I may try this on Wednesday:  Chicken Taco Pizza.  I just need to locate either a healthy premade crust or find some alternative.  I will try to play with this to reduce sodium as well.

Do you have a quick and easy recipe you would like to share?  Please post it in comments or email me and I will be happy to share it.  One easy way to deal with the Money limit (it is cheaper to cook at home), the Knowledge limit (you know EXACTLY what is going into your meals), and the Time Limit (we need something quick and easy and, for me, that provides some sort of left overs to keep up with life at home!) is to cook healthy meals at home!

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