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Monday, April 26, 2010

The Truth Behind my TEMPORARY Slow Down!

So, it seems like years since I have written.  In relation to the life of this blog, it has been I guess.  I have had to slow my training to almost, well, less than, a crawl.  Shortly before my hiatus, I wrote of lack of energy, blaming it on my nutrition.  Well, nutrition was definitely partially to blame, but even then, I didn't realize how important it was to fuel my body.  I have come to learn that at about that time I was four weeks pregnant with my third child.  I am currently just exiting the first trimester and hoping to find more energy and less nausea in the second trimester. 

While I have been extremely exhausted these past weeks and barely find the energy to chase after my two young children much less exercise, I will say I have felt better this time than either of my earlier pregnancies.  I credit that to the shape I was in at the time I got pregnant.  I was 13 lbs less and much more fit than I was when I got pregnant with my second, and a whopping 23 lbs lighter and much much more fit and active than when I got pregnant with my first. 

Also, a bit of a even more personal note, I can't believe the difference a healthy body makes for the conception of a baby!  This third pregnancy was a very very BIG surprise.  Even more surprising given the extraordinary efforts we put in to have our first child and still the constant monitoring we needed to have our second child.  I remember when trying for over 6 years to conceive my first child how the Dr told me if I lost some weight and became healthier we might have more success.  I just got angry, but I did lose 25 lbs, then got pregnant with my oldest.  Apparently if I had perhaps lost 50 lbs at the outset all the treatments and heartache may not have been necessary.

So, a lot of friends have asked if this will change my blog.  I sincerely hope not - while I may not run miles a day and will surely not compete in my first triathlon this summer, I will have many of the same stumbling blocks trying to maintain a healthy weight and fitness level throughout the pregnancy.  I am also constantly trying to improve my family's nutrition and keep within a budget while doing it (gone are the days for me of buying all organic without even a blink of an eye as to the cost).  I will be talking about other things, but it still remains the same.....although perhaps I should rename the blog "From the Glider Rocker to Being Able to Visualize the Finish Line, Back to the Glider Rocker with Hopes of Crossing that Finish Line for the First Time in 2011!"  No, that is just too long - I like the name of my blog as it is!

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