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Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Could $50 off a $100 purchase at Old Navy help you exceed the Money Limit?

Old Navy has a website Old Navy Weekly which usually updates every Thursday.  On that website, when it updates, there is a loyal following that hunt for coupons that could be as good at $50 off a $100 purchase!  In the past, they even had $75 off $100 coupons, although those haven't been released since before the holidays.  It is not always easy to find these coupons, and it takes some searching and clicking, not to mention an agonizing wait throughout the day because they never update it at the same time (and, on occasion, it doesn't happen until Friday).

However, there are some ways to make it easier.  A fellow blogger at Dealseekingsource maintains a chat room where a loyal following sit, chat, and frankly share a whole host of deals waiting for the update.  They have very specific rules and procedures but when the site updates, the room guests share when they find the high value coupons and how to get them.  Most days, many of the participants score a high value coupon!  You can read about the "rules" here. 

So, head on over to Dealseekingsource and see if you can score yourself a great deal.  Old Navy has some really cute workout clothes, some very good deals on kids clothes, and I love their jeans and fleece (the fleece are perfect for layering on the colder outdoor workout days!).

Good Luck tomorrow!

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